Welcome to the wonderful world of

Deputy Donuts.


We are sisters-in-law living a stones throw from each other in Beachlands, Auckland.


We are an artisan donut business, making yeast raised donuts from scratch,

along with our jams, curds and cream fillings with NO preservatives or additives.

We have always had a shared love of baking and knowing where our food was

coming from. We are prepared to pay more for it, without compromise

because we loved a niche product and supporting local supply.


Deputy Donuts was born out of want to create an amazing donut, that isn't

packed with preservative that sits on a shelf for hours and sometimes days.

We're not just making another donut. Ours are preservative free,

and ALWAYS made fresh on the day of your order.


We make them with love and heart and we can’t wait for you to try our decadent treats. 

The Deputies - Becks & Kahla